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Prada cheap prada handbags price saffiano bags price secondly, with high-speed rail is the construction of the South China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of prada saffiano bags price ​​need. China - ASEAN Free Trade Area covering 11 countries, the 1.9 billion population, GDP amounted to $ 2015 prada shoes on sale 6 trillion, is the world's prada wallet largest free trade area population, but also among prada saffiano bags developing countries, the largest free trade zone. In recent years, increasing bilateral trade and investment, investment continued to expand, but at present transport facilities has lagged far behind, and the development of free trade zones are incompatible.
With the construction of the southern high-speed rail, one conducive to stimulate and boost China - ASEAN Free Trade investment. Railway is China - critical infrastructure AFTA. South with high-speed rail investment of about 17 billion yuan, Pingxiang to Hanoi, Vietnam, high-speed rail about 15 billion yuan, prada wallet online with Hanoi to Singapore railway built or renovated, the entire replica authentic 2014 prada sunglasses investment will be more than 100 billion yuan. Investment prada bags price in railway, not only greatly enhance the transport capacity and the level of other infrastructure will drive investment and related industries.
Second, it helps to support and protect the Chinese - growth and development of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. South with high-speed cheap prada bags on sale rail construction, will drive the Trans-building process. With the construction of the Trans-Nanning to Singapore formed the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area international channels, allowing rapid industrial agglomeration, the rapid growth of urban population, big market, big logistics, large industrial economic zone on the rapid formation prada saffiano bags price.

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