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Replica 2015 prada handbags outlet huang Ke representative briefed reporters on the South with high-speed rail construction in progress. He said that since 2010, with the help of support Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee, government and the higher the railway authentic prada handbags how to tell sector, the Chongzuo efforts to promote the South with high-speed rail projects, and achieved some success. December 2010 won the National Development and Reform Commission approved the project; January 2011 Soil and Water Conservation eligible MWR approval; July 2012 project was approved by the Department of Homeland pretrial land. The project is focused on promoting the project in Guangxi autonomous region, and the project has been included in the "Railway Development" second five "plan" authentic prada cheap bags and the National Development and Reform Commission in 2015 for projects.

When talking about the strategic significance of the South with high-speed rail, yellow gram representative noted that the first is to achieve high-speed rail south with the country's foreign strategy, national security prada handbags outlet italy is an urgent need. Friendship and cooperation buy cheap prada sneakers is still the mainstream of bilateral relations. replica prada outlet Vietnam two countries and peoples of mutual support, mutual help, adhere to the socialist road and become a common destiny with strategic significance.

The current international and regional situation continues to undergo profound and complex changes, China and Vietnam are at a critical stage of comprehensive deepening of reform and innovation industry. Guangxi is located in southern China, and Vietnam border, there are 1335 km land border line, is in the trade, to achieve the country's foreign strategy, an important frontier defense and security, across southern China and Vietnam with the railway link between the two countries has also become an important link. replica 2014 prada saffiano cheap And replica prada handbags outlet with the railway as an important section of the Southern Railway, Hunan, Guangxi, Hanoi - prada outlet 2015 Beijing - Moscow international railway transport pass. With the completion of the southern high-speed rail, will achieve fast moving supplies personnel to shorten the frontier with the national central spatial distance; well-developed road network and effective transport capacity, not only to become China - ASEAN impetus to the development of diplomatic relations, strengthen political mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, have become an replica 2015 prada handbags outlet important channel to consolidate border defense, safeguard national sovereignty replica 2014 prada handbags outlet.