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Prada classic tall bags ms. Wu said she later learned that the management side of the trap. In prada handbags 2014 her view, is a good thing for the downstairs trap, but no one at home, without warning, construction on the prada classic handbags house with a spare key, it is difficult to prada saffiano 31 bags outlet sale 2015 accept, "I'm numerous experiences of finding the management side, the demands for an apology, authentic prada tote bags but no one came forward to say 'I'm sorry,

Subsequently, the reporter visited the authentic prada bags prada handbags pond flood of public rental residential property services company. Staff member surnamed Wang, said they had received three renters to reflect this, but the property did prada outlet bags not know, is the builder should do. They have told the builders need renters consent before replica prada bags cheap processing trap. "Each house has two sets of spare keys, a property, a building contractor, Mr. Wang said, the property that a spare key, it is not easy to open the door.

Reporters in charge of the construction of public rental Tong Xun a construction company office to see that there are a lot of public rental housing spare key on the table, on each of the key words is also an indication of a room in a certain layer of buildings. Claiming construction company staff Tien said there is a problem authentic prada shoes on sale due to the material, resulting in a lot of toilet leaks, they are re-waterproof. "Why did not you say hello, the unauthorized opening of the door renters, The reporter asked. The staff said, before construction, they have to notify the electronic screen in the district, said many renters do not have time. In order to fill gaps prada for sale in time, they had to use the spare key prada classic tall boot.