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"'An accepted' working mechanism to handle prada bags women changes authentic prada cheap bags in the traditional linear model, so that a single line of work becomes three-dimensional, Cai Fuyong introduction, "an accepted" the prada outlet united states working mechanism of the last original "series" of various departments, "You Changba to my debut" process change To "series and combined, simultaneous handling" to achieve speed approval, the original model for the time limit at least 15 working days compressed into three days, greatly enhance the administrative efficiency. In addition, full transparency, clear responsibilities of various prada outlet united states departments and processing time, and collect the material, corrections and other sectors to be publicized; refused to buck-passing, an effective solution to the aperture varies between sectors and other issues, working in favor of timely communication to solve found problems.

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Reporters learned that the issuance of "a photo of three" business license is in the "bite accepted" on the basis of further integration and optimization, enterprise must apply the original business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate as one, take the "bite acceptance, declare a table, ceiling limit, unified certification" approach, prada bags on sale uk by "one accepted" window authentic prada handbags wholesale to accept all applications for establishment registration, industry and commerce, quality supervision, examination and approval by prada outlet united states the tax authorities synchronized approval system, the issuance of business registration contained number, organization code and tax registration number three the number of business license, the applicant holds the photograph that can replace the existing three certificates of foreign business activities prada outlet united states.