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September 23, 2014, the current king of Saudi Prince Khalid Salman's son, driving fighters to Syria raid extremist organization Mulberry femme discount Islamic State after safe return. Behind this incident, is oil-rich countries in order to deal with The Islamic State Mulberry taske sale and other security crisis in the past year in the rapid increase in expenditure on general fire by 54% to a record $ 6.5 billion, which ranks the world's largest arms buyer.

  Ten arms importing countries to re-shuffle

Jane's consulting firm (IHS) 9 release of 2014 annual report on the global arms trade that the arms trade in 2014 rose for the sixth consecutive year, the global imports increased to $ 56 billion from $ Mulberry España replica 64.4 billion.

Among them, the Saudi arms imports in 2014 increased by 54%, reaching $ 6.5 billion, more than India among the world's largest arms importer. IHS estimates based on arms program delivery, Mulberry Exotic Bags online Saudi imports will increase by 52 percent this year, reaching $ 9.8 billion.

India currently maintains the world's third largest active duty troops and the second largest army, its military ranks global forefront. But because the state-owned military Mulberry Cinturones replica industry is extremely backward, the Indian army was forced to look to Mulberry Clutches Bags discount invest overseas, has long occupied the world's largest arms buyer seats, imported $ 5.8 billion worth of arms last year.

Reshuffle list of world's top ten arms importing country occurred in 2014. Apart from outside Saudi Arabia beyond India, China became the third largest arms importer, climbed from ninth to sixth in Australia, Turkey and Mulberry men wallet cheap Pakistan into the top ten, while Egypt and Singapore to withdraw from the list, Korea still ranks seventh.

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