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BEIJING, March 10, according to the United States newspaper reported on Friday (6th), by the United Mulberry Cuero online States Immigration and Customs Enforcement team raid a month centered 24 pregnant women, mothers, families and Yuesao in 10 people were transferred to Southern Federal District Court in Riverside area, there are 11 people on the 9th as Mulberry taske fake witnesses to appear in the court. They identified the need to pay the bail amount of 5000 yuan (US $ per person and their attorney, the same below).

10:30, 11 pregnant mothers, families and Yuesao in three Chinese translation down to the river and the city, accompanied by Mulberry Sac à main cheap a federal district court. Among them are five Chinese lawyers entrusted to appear in court to Mulberry pas cher outlet defend Pearl Liu, another six people from a total par if defense lawyers reached (Oswald Parada) Mulberry milano outlet agent. Federal Judge Brestot (David Bristow) told the 11 Chinese, they are the identity of witnesses in court that day, I hope they fully cooperate with the prosecution month reporting center industry possible criminal behavior, if not fit, it may be treated as defendant prosecution.

Brestot judge told the 11 Chinese: You do not have to be arrested, nor imprisoned in the past and the subsequent seizure of the passport of bail is to ensure that you press to testify today about your passport back after you can. back to the center of the month, but is still not depart until you testify before they can return home before returning to 5000 yuan per person to pay bail, Mulberry Hombre cheap if you need to return to the United States a formal hearing to testify in court, as you all about And to, and this part of Mulberry Backpacks Bags outlet the bail to be returned to you, or else the money will be forfeited.

Pearl Liu suggested that his client if required to appear in court again after returning home, would consider allowing them to testify by video software, but I do not need to return to the United States, specific matters handled by the attorney in court. Judges said they would consider the proposal and request of the defense lawyers.

11 witnesses to the court also raised various issues, to answer the judge Brestot respectively, eliminating their psychological concerns.

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