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Chupacabra Mulberry Backpacks Bags replica (Chupacabra, Spanish goats means taking blood beast). An animal suspected of being present in the blood-sucking Americas earliest was found in 1995 in Puerto Rico appear, Puerto Rico A woman claimed he saw a strange blood-sucking animal, this animal is about half a meter in height, skin and skin almost dinosaur long Mulberry Handbags replica with big eyes the size of two eggs, Mulberry Women's Belts cheap two prominent fangs mouth is, from the neck to the back, is all sorts of colors spikes.

According to the National Geographic Web site reported on November 1, the mid-1990s, Puerto Rico, local residents claimed to have seen a mysterious blood-sucking monster Chupacabra (chupacabra). Since then, Mexico, the United States and other countries media also reported discovery of the Chupacabra trail. As to the origins of the Mulberry Sac à main outlet vampire monster, people have different opinions, and some that are wolves, and some that are vampires. US scientists say mysterious vampire monster who is actually covered with mange coyote or Mulberry Hombre sale other canine.

007 In July Avignon and Philip ska Chupacabra's body, she found

Allegedly, in June this year, there are still people claimed to have discovered a flesh and blood, Chupacabra, so compared to Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot, scientists easier for such a study bloodsucking monsters. In almost all of the sightings, the so-called Chupacabra finally determined is actually suffering from Mulberry mini bags online severe mange coyotes. Mange is a potentially fatal skin disease, which can cause the animal body hair loss, wrinkled skin and other symptoms.

For some scientists, such an interpretation of the blood-sucking monster Chupacabra is already full enough. University of Michigan entomologist Barry O'Connor (Barry OConnor), said: I do not think we need to conduct further research, or need for these sightings make other explanation. O'Connor engaged can cause mange mange insect research. Southeastern Institute expert cooperation wildlife diseases Kiel University of Mulberry danmark replica Georgia, USA Kevin (Kevin Keel) read called Chupacabra corpse photos, he also believes that it is clearly coyotes.

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